The Constitution defines the Functions Committee role as to encourage and assist former students and staff to renew and maintain their associations with the School (and with each other) and to encourage and facilitate contact and communication among former students and staff. This is to be done by promoting and providing support for reunions and other meetings of former students and staff.

Currently each year a major reunion for all years is organised usually early in September with musical entertainment from a major performing ensemble of the school and a lunch.  The History Centre is also open during the day.

Additionally, the committee assists year groups with the organisation of year reunions, with special emphasis placed upon decade reunions.

Facilitation is available to assist with:

  • Lists of names from that year (where available) to assist with the location of former class members
  • Access to the school facilities for an assembly to commence the reunion
  • Provision of musical entertainment by current students using a variety of ensembles
  • Attendance by a current senior member of the School’s Executive Team to welcome reunion guests and to talk on current issues pertaining to the school
  • Ability to tour both the original and new facilities of the school
  • Ability to have refreshments on site.

Year groups wishing to avail themselves of this assistance should contact us at discuss possible dates as early as possible – preferably six to twelve months prior to the reunion to ensure securing the preferred date.

The Society is also planning to mount its own events of a social nature, such as wine and cheese evenings around a theme (for example the school’s art collection) and these will be advertised on this website.

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