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The Sphinx Foundation Inc.

The importance and gratitude Perth Modern School bestows on those who make a gift or bequest to the future of the school is immeasurable and we thank those who have thus far committed to the future of this school.

The Sphinx Foundation Inc. was established by the Perth Modernian Society as a Tax Deductible entity that could assist the alumni aspects of Perth Modern School.

Sphinx Scholarship Fund

The Sphinx Foundation (Inc) intends to assist the School by funding a range of scholarships.

  • The objective of the Fund is to provide payment to students of Perth Modern School who are selected according to academic merit, other non-academic achievements or equity considerations.
  • The Fund operates under the constitution of the Sphinx Foundation (Inc).
  • The Board of the Sphinx Foundation (Inc) maintains separate management accounts and bank accounts in respect of the Fund, its income and payments or applications of its income or capital.
  • The Foundation, in conjunction with the School, will establish the criteria for the award of scholarships which may include academic achievement; other merit based non-academic achievements or considerations to achieve equity recognising any disadvantage, disability or hardship arising from a student’s circumstances.
  • You can initiate discussions with the Foundation to create a special purpose scholarship for a particular purpose that you choose to support. – e.g. an academic subject area.
  • Donations and bequests are Tax Deductible.

Click HERE for further information.

Scholarship applications: click HERE

Contact for Donations and Bequests

If you would like to provide financial support to the work of Sphinx Foundation Inc or the Scholarship Fund, this would be gratefully appreciated.

Gift or bequest form: Bequest form Donation form

For further information, please contact:

Treasurer of the Sphinx Foundation Inc.
Tel. (08) 9487 1192
PO Box 1349, West Perth, WA 6872 (the registered box of the Sphinx Foundation)

or President of the Perth Modernian Society
Tel. (08) 9487 1192
Perth Modern School, Roberts Road, Subiaco 6008

Centenary Appeal

The goal of the Centenary Appeal is to raise money for restoration of the School’s heritage buildings. The Governor, Ken Michael, AO, launched the Appeal in 2007.

Donations and bequests are Tax Deductible. If you would like to support this very worthwhile appeal, click HERE

Opportunities and Ideas

In many ways, ex-Modernians are the eyes and ears of the School in the community. Please contact the Perth Modernian Society or the Sphinx Foundation Inc. or the Historical & Museum Committee if you recognise opportunities or initiatives that we can follow through to benefit the School. If you have any ideas, please contact us.

Updated 7/1/2011

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