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Honour the History, Share the Heritage

The Perth Modernian Society Museum Association Incorporated (PMSoc MA) seeks to advance heritage, culture and education through funding the operations of the Perth Modern School Museum (view Constitution).

Perth Modernian Society Museum Association Incorporated was incorporated on 27 September 2017 (view Certificate of Incorporation).

It was registered as a Charity from 6 November 2017.

Our Museum conserves and preserves an enormous range of school artifacts as well as archiving the precious original school student records. It has become a focal point for families researching genealogy, researchers seeking deeper understanding of education and society in years gone by, or just individuals looking for an old friend.

With the combination of generous donations and just over $13,000 in grants from Department of Veterans Affairs, Lotterywest, and through a Federal Community Volunteers Grant that our active volunteers procured, we have been able to:

  • Refurbish and update the World War I Memorial and the World War II seat
  • Update computer equipment used to maintain and extend our alumni digital data-base (the Jarvis e-Database, JeD)
  • Maintain and update the digital and physical records of school alumni
  • Update the Honour Boards in the Beasley Building with new Boards identifying alumni previously omitted
  • Researched and reproduced Walter Gardham (first manual arts teacher in 1911) family information using his glass photographic plates that were previously donated by family
  • Restoration of a drawing of Mr Parsons
  • Digitised paintings by F. E. Mills from the donated originals, then passed to the originals to his family
  • Continue to restore WA schools science equipment with a view to future digitisation
  • Contract a Coordinator to support our Museum volunteer activities
  • Answered and provided information to alumni and their families, groups and researchers about our alumni, to honour the history and share the heritage of Perth Modern School
  • Create a digital Honour Board of World War I and World War II that is now available on the school website at www.honour.perthmodernschool.wa.edu.au This Honour Board includes the biographies of many of the alumni
  • Continue to develop, with our most recent grant, a digital nominal Honour Board for the School website, which will identify all alumni who served in military conflicts

These projects reflected the conservation and research currently being carried out by Museum volunteers


The PMSoc Museum Association Inc has a financial reporting period from 1 July until 30 June.  Annual Reports are released within six months of the 30 June.
2019 Annual Report
2019/2020 Annual Report


The governance, financial management and strategic directions for the Museum are determined though the Board of the Museum Association. Currently the Board members include:

            Dr Robyn White          Chair

            Mrs Sallie Davies        Secretary

            Mrs Sharon Williams  Treasurer

            Mrs Lois Joll (School Principal)                     

            Mr Jeffrey Lai             

            Professor Alistair Paterson

            Ms Monica Brierley-Hay        

            Hon Julian Grill           Perth Modernian Society President, ex-officio member


The Museum Committee is a Standing Committee of the Perth Modernian Society Inc and is made up of volunteers who meet formally four times a year.  Volunteers are responsible for the protection, maintenance and publication of records of the School, former staff and students, and the research and preparation of displays and activities to honour the history and share the heritage of Perth Modern School.


The Museum Association relies on donations to maintain the museum and fund special projects. You can help by using the online donation form or the printed donation form.

The Perth Modernian Society Museum Association Incorporated engages in an annual fundraising appeal.

Further fundraising occurs through sales of the digital Entertainment Book. 

Order your new Entertainment Book here. Your purchase will not only provide you with a vast range of discounts but will also contribute to the ongoing work of Museum volunteers.

Throughout each year, the PMSoc Museum Association seeks various avenues through which to fundraise further in support of its activities.


Thank you for considering a bequest to the Perth Modernian Museum Association. If you choose to make a bequest, your gift will go towards supporting the Museum in conserving and preserving school artefacts and records, providing educational resources to school students and the community and celebrating the rich history of Perth Modern School.

The Perth Modernian Museum Association Iinc. cannot provide you with legal advice on drafting your will, and we encourage you to consult your lawyer. The following clause contains some suggested wording for a bequest to the Perth Modernian Museum Association, but is a sample only and does not constitute legal advice. The Public Trustee of WA provides some information about drafting a will on their website at: https://www.wa.gov.au/service/justice/civil-law/make-will-public-trustee

Suggested wording – general bequestI give to the Perth Modernian Society Museum Association Incorporated, ABN 73 761 561 543, of 90 Roberts Road, Subiaco WA 6008 (the “Museum Association”) [% of my residuary estate OR insert dollar amount], for the general purposes of the Museum Association. 

For further information on making a bequest to the Museum Association, please contact museum@perthmoderniansociety.org.au  and please consult your own lawyer. 


You can contribute to the Archives . . .

Biographical Information, photographs and memorabilia related to former staff and students of Perth Modern School is sought for inclusion in the records to facilitate displays, publications and enquiries from family members and other approved researchers.  Permission for publication and or display is requested.

If you have not already done so, please click here to open the form and submit your details.

Requests for Information
Former students and staff, family members and other approved researchers with a valid reason may apply for past student records in accordance with the Education Department policy by clicking here to open the request form.


Opening hours 9.30am to 12 noon on Mondays. Other times can be arranged by contacting the Association by email or by phoning 6189 3690

Since 1974 volunteers have carefully preserved records and memorabilia tracing the history of Perth Modern School and its students since its earliest days.

Electronic records are in place for the following collections:

Past Students and Staff: School, career and biographical data on individuals

Memorabilia: Archival photographs and artefacts of life at Perth Modern School since it began

Science Collection: Science equipment from the early years

Library Collection: Text-books, student works, publications by former students

How you can contribute to the History Centre…

We can help you!

Volunteer Opportunities requiring commitment of skills, time and interest in preserving the history of Perth Modern School include:

  • Data Entry
  • Displays
  • Research
  • IT Management
  • IT Support
  • Editorial
  • Proof Reading
  • Attendant/Guide
  • Conservation/Preservation

You are also invited to donate or loan: