Welcome to the Perth Modernian Society Inc. bringing together

 fellowship, scholarship and learning since 1911…

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The Perth Modernian Society

… representing the alumni of Western Australia’s earliest government secondary school Perth Modern School to offer courses to matriculation level:

Sphinx Scholarships                                                Reunions                                      Museum                                    

• Preserve and enhance the reputation and traditions of the School;
• Encourage and assist former students and staff to renew their associations with the PMS;
• Encourage and facilitate contact and communication among former students and staff; and
• Advance the School and its current students within the wider community.

Our Services to the School include:
• Involvement and support
• Mentoring students
• Sphinx Scholarships
• Archiving through our Historical and Museum Committee.

Our Services to our Members include:
• Promoting Reunions
• Helping ex-students and staff find one another
• The quarterly Perth Modernian e-Newsletter for all registered members with email
• The Perth Modernian Annual Magazine for Contributing Members.

Our Services to the Community include:
• Promoting the quality of the School
• Perth Modernian Society Museum Association Incorporated ABN: 73 761 561 543 which
acts and manages its finances quite separately from other branches of the Perth Modernian Society
to support the History Centre and Archives educational, heritage and family research centre

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