School redevelopment

As part of the development of Perth Modern School as WA’s only academically selective secondary school, the State Government allocated over $25 million to upgrade the existing school buildings and to construct state-of-the-art new facilities to provide an outstanding learning environment for gifted and talented students.

Opened in February 2009 were the library, resource centre, lecture theatre, performing arts centre and cafeteria. In August 2009, the creative arts centre, research centre, technology centre and media studio were completed.  October 2009 saw Student Services and Administration move into their newly built accommodation.

In October 2012, the State Government announced $2.3 million in funding for a new state-of-the art Health and Fitness Centre, which would replace the old gymnasium which had been built in 1961 and was no longer fit for purpose. This funding was additional to the $500,000 already donated to the project by the McCusker Charitable Foundation and the $1 million raised by the school community. The Centre will utilise the latest technology and be large enough to accommodate the entire student body at whole school events. The expected completion date is September 2014.

Perth Modern School Today

Perth Modern School today is Western Australia’s only academically selective school where students enter a culture of achievement unmatched in the State. The school supports the growth of individual students to their full academic, intellectual, social and physical potential. It meets the needs of curious, imaginative and gifted students who enjoy learning and bring with them a range of diverse abilities and interests. The differentiated curriculum supports success beyond the school environment and provides students with unique enrichment and extension opportunities.

Current students work co-operatively in a stimulating, relaxed but structured and secure learning environment and are empowered to take their place in today’s rapidly changing world. The school provides leadership opportunities to students through public speaking, debating, community service and student representation initiatives.

Perth Modern School has an international reputation for excellence in music studies and performance. Music students take part in a dynamic program and are taught by highly skilled professional musicians.

Health and Physical Education activities are integrated into the school curriculum and these are designed to improve students’ skill levels, interpersonal abilities and general wellbeing. All students have opportunities to access a selection of sporting activities including athletics, swimming, fencing and team sports.

Teachers at Perth Modern School are merit selected and the school recruits, trains and retains the best available teaching staff who possess specialist skills and experience in teaching gifted and talented students. Included in the school’s staff are a Psychologist, Nurse, Chaplain and Career Coordinator as well as Head of Years and a Student Services Manager. These highly skilled professionals provide students with counselling, health and well-being advice, academic support and monitoring, course and career advice and mentoring.

The school is very focussed on developing synergistic community partnerships with universities, professional bodies and research organisations which will further enhance the opportunities available to today’s students.

Perth Modern School has a dedicated parent body with active representation on the School Board which overviews school planning processes, priorities, budgets and advises the Principal. Parents also participate in the Parents and Citizens’ Association and in a range of committees, such as Friends of Music and Friends of Mod.

In 2012, Perth Modern School became an Independent Public School, which has provided for greater autonomy in decision making, enhanced local governance, opportunities for innovation and increased financial flexibility.

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