On 13th December 2022 a special assembly was held in the School’s very beautiful Beasley auditorium during which the Sphinx Foundation Board members Nigel Hunt and Peter Farr, together with Jan Stewart representing the Malka Foundation and School Principal Mitch Mackay presented scholarships and bursaries totalling $38,000 and worth on average $925 to 41 Perth Modern School Year 10 students. Also in attendance were the School’s Year 8 students, and Associate Principal; Fiona Tholet.

The awards covered multiple learning areas: Arts & Technology; English; HASS (Economics-Accounting, Social Sciences, Psychology, Politics and Law); Innovations; Mathematics; Music; Physical Education; Science and Debating, as well as Equity/Needs Based Scholarships. Each awardee received a special certificate along with a Citation that honours the particular donor(s) who have made the award possible.

With 18 Sphinx scholarships awarded in November 2022 for needy students who start Year 7 in 2023, plus another 34 students getting their awards renewed from previous years, the total for 2023 comes to 93 awards worth $98,000. Plus $2,000 in Principal’s Discretionary Bursaries.

New awards made possible in 2022 by donation were The Malcolm Evans Debating Scholarship, The Ross and Fran Ledger Scholarship, two additional Malka Foundation Year 7 Equity Scholarships, and one additional Perth Modernian Society Year 7 Equity Scholarship.

The School Principal Mitch Mackay several times in 2022 mentioned in glowing terms the uniqueness of the Sphinx scholarships and bursaries. The awards are very much appreciated by the students and their parents, as illustrated by these thankyou notes:

Dear Mr Nigel Hunt and the Sphinx Foundation Board,
I would like to thank you so much for awarding me the Perth Modernian Society Scholarship for Mathematics for 2023. It will help a great deal with expenses related to the training schools for the International Maths Olympiad (AMT School of Excellence) which I attended this year in December, and will lighten the financial burden for my parents and allow me to keep pursuing mathematics competitions and training. I will be sure to use the award wisely for expenses such as travel for training or competitions in the near future.
Thank you,
Kind regards

<Student name> 15 Dec 2022

Dear Mr Nigel Hunt,
I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation in being a recipient of the Perth Modernian Society Mathematics Bursary for 2023. I am honoured and gracious to have been selected as the recipient of this bursary and hope to use the funds provided in the following years to further my academic success. I am very grateful for the support given by the Sphinx Foundation, Perth Modernian Society, their Board Members and benefactors. I am once again extremely appreciative of this valuable award.

Warm regards,

<Student name> 13 Dec 2022

Since its inception in 2009 the Sphinx Scholarship Fund has enabled the award of a remarkable total of 460 scholarships and bursaries.

Jan Stewart representing the Malka Foundation, presented a Malka Scholarship to Year 10 student Hayley Mills. Hayley also received the Perth Modernian Society Visual & Performing Arts Bursary for 2022
Afternoon tea in the Refectory followed the Upper School Awards ceremony
The Upper School Scholarship and Bursary awardees are pictured with Sphinx Foundation Board members Rob Gray, Nigel Hunt, Vivian Wang, Barrie Baker and Peter Farr.
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