Save Perth Modern School Campaign

The following documents highlight the issues surrounding the Labor party’s proposed changes to Perth Modern School.

Letter from the Perth Modernian Society Inc re Petition No 005 to Hon Matthew Swinbourn MLC Final (Vers 5, 9July2017)

President’s Postscript to the Save Perth Modern School Campaign, 21 Sept. 2017

PMSoc Letter to P&C re Save PMS Campaign & future liaison, 5 Sept 2017

Letter from P&C President Andrew Stevens to Peter Farr, 4 Sept 2017

President’s update 13th July 2017

Public Thank You from Perth Modernian Society -published in The Weekend West, Sat 17 & 24th June 2017

Director General’s letter 13 June 2017 to PMSociety members

Letter from Chairman of the School Board to Modernians 15June2017

Event Notice to Members 13 June 2017 – President’s Update

Event Notice to Members 29 May 2017 – President’s Update

Update on the Save Perth Modern School Campaign 20 April 2017

Event Notice to Modernians 27 Mar 2017 – President’s Report

Future of PMS – President’s Report 6 March 2017

Dear Fellow Modernian letter 1 March 2017

Letter from Chairman Perth Modern School Board, 28 Feb 2017 

Event Notice to Modernians 23 Feb 2017 – President’s Report

eNewsletter March 2017

Facebook – Save Perth Modern School

Petition to Labor Party

Legislative Council Petition 03/05/2017

President’s Update 23rd May 2017

President’s TV Interview with WTV-Perth “Undercurrent” 15 June 2017

Last modified on 26 January 2022