The Perth Modernian Society and the Executive of the School are keen to encourage reunions of past students REGARDLESS of the period or length of their school attendance.

We cannot arrange your reunion and we cannot send you old class lists or addresses.

However we can

  • advertise your queries or your plans in our publications,
  • advertise your queries or your plans on our website,
  • provide you with contact details for members of your “year” if they are members of the Society,
  • facilitate your contact with the school,
  • tell you what other groups have done at their reunions,
  • arrange for a member of the school or the society to give you an update on the school, and
  • sometimes we can help you arrange a visit to the school.

When you are planning a Reunion

  • please indicate that you would like to book a guided tour of the History Centre Museum
  • the Perth Modernian Society Museum Committee can organise for someone to guide you through the collection at a suitable time
  • even if your Reunion is planned for off-site, a tour can be organised for your group, subject to availability of volunteers
  • memorabilia for your Year group can be organised to be on display for you

We also invite Reunion organisers to submit  updated contact details to those former staff and students who are invited and to inform the Museum Committee of deaths recorded as a result of your very special event

To begin contact
Society Phone   (08) 6189 3690
Society email

Recent Reunions

Class of 1970 –  50th Anniversary see Photos

Class of 1970 – Golden Jubilee Reunion

ANNUAL REUNION 2019 see Photos

Class of 1949 70th Anniversary see Photos

Class of 1959 60th Anniversary see Photos
Members of the class of 59 assembled at the school to celebrate 60 years since they graduated.
There was amazement at developments on the campus, and laughter and sadness for memories.
The class of 59 is grateful to the school, the school caterers and the wonderful Museum people for their unstinting support on our special day.

Class Reunions Planned or Wanted

If you  are interested in arranging/attending a reunion then contact
or (08) 6189 3690